Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Hunger Games Compared with The Condemned

            The Condemned and The Hunger Games have a lot of similarities and also multiple differences. Some of the differences are The Condemned takes only ten adult criminals to place into their island for the game. The criminals that they choose are already sentenced to death. However, the producer of the game has to pay the prison for the criminal he wants. Also, he hands pick the players based on there past crimes and how dangerous they are. Were The Hunger Games having 24 kids randomly picked to go into their games. In The Hunger Games their arena they play in is closed off so there is no escaping or getting to the game makers. Also, they have better control over the games for example they can bring players together if they start to drift away. Another difference is in The Condemned they only have thirty hours to find a winner.

            Some of the similarities are that there can only be one winner and that winner will receive a big prize with lots of money. There are care packages that are sent to some of the players to help them out and to make the game a little more interesting to the viewers. Also, Jack is similar to Katness in the fact that they go against the roles of the games. Jack goes in search of the main base so that he can call his wife to get help and give her money incase he dies. An interesting similarity is Jack’s wife watches the show in the town bar that Jack is from with a lot of his friends from the town. Jack’s town acts like district twelve gathering in the main square to watch the Hunger Games. Saige and Ewan teaming up is similar to the careers teaming up. They both a lot of skills in fighting and surviving plus the producer favorites them to win so he continues to send them care packages to help them win.  

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