Sunday, May 3, 2015

Reflection on SIS Class

       During this semester we have covered a wide verity of things from which book we liked most in The Hunger Game series to the importance of gender roles in our society. I am glad that I got the chance to take this class while in college. If it was not for this class I would have missed out on a great series of books and movies. By reading this series of books and having open discussions during class and writing this blog I was able to see how the series can be related to every day life.
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      I enjoyed having the guess speakers come in and share their knowledge in their field of study and related it to The Hunger Games. Thanks to Dr. Raley I have a better understanding of the importance of gender roles in every day life. For example I now understand why producers make commercials the way that they do. I can tell by watching the commercial now and see what audience they are trying to attract. Another guess speaker I enjoyed listening to was Mr. Sztajer, the Holocaust Survivor. Being able to hear his story on how he was able to survive the Holocaust helped me to understand more how hard it was for Katniss to survive not only the hunger games but also living in District 12 before she was part of the seventy-fourth games.

Jewish star pendent and pin of cognac Baltic amber
      This class was not particularly challenging for it just took up a lot of out of class time. Making sure I got each reading done before class so that I would be prepared for a possible quiz in class and completing the blogs on the weeks that we had one due. On top of preparing a final term paper based The Hunger Games and something in today's world.

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