Sunday, March 8, 2015

Totalitarian Government

       A totalitarian government is one that has one person in charge of the whole nation and does not have to get his laws passed by anyone else. The person in charge mainly makes his laws based on his benefits instead of the better good of his/her people. Also, the people of the country do not have much freedom of speech or freedom to go out and obtain the job they most desire. Some countries even have a limit on how many kids they are allowed to have. 

      There are some countries still to this day that are rolled by a totalitarian. A lot of these countries are considered third world countries. Meaning that there are more people that are considered poor rather than being middle class or higher. These circumstances are very similar to those that took place in The Hunger Games. President Snow could be considered a totalitarian leader. He makes laws that benefits him and to keep his power as the leader of Panem. Also, the people of Panam are very poor in majority of the districts except for a select few people within the districts even in the “wealthy” districts.

     A problem with over coming a totalitarian government is that it takes a totalitarian leader on the rebellion side to control the rebellion to over come the government. So then if the rebellion wins the people are stuck with a different totalitarian leader so their not much better off. This is what could have happen in The Hunger Games if Katness was not wiser than her years. Katness desided to use her one arrow to kill President Coin instead of President Snow. If she did not do that then President Coin would have ran Panem similar to the way Snow did.

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