Sunday, March 29, 2015

Music Importants in The Hunger Games

sad suicide katniss everdeen Mockingjay the hanging tree Music was a very important part in Katniss's life while she was growing up. It was something that she and her dad did while walking through the words to find food and while traveling to the lake to take a cooling swim. Katniss singing a song in grade school is what made Peeta fall in love with her and never able to let go of his love for her. Music can be used in multiple different ways. For instance it can be used to show your emotions about a particular situation. For example Katniss sang the song "The Valley Song" shortly before they bombed the tunnel and she felt bad for all the innocent people that were working in the tunnel. It reminded her to the day that she and her sister ran to the coal mine to check to see if their father was going to survive the mine collapsing. Unfortunately, their father did not survive so she does not wish to put that type of pain onto another family when the tunnel collapses.

The music in Appalachia held great importance as well. Music gave the people something to do to help pass the time while they traveled along the Appalachia trail to find find new land to call home and to set up their farms. Also, it gave them a good reason for neighbors to gather together to have some fun and to forget about the long week of work. This is similar to when Katniss and Peeta danced together in the capital at the party for their victor tour. They both knew how to dance well it gave them a chance to calm down and have a little time to themselves to talk and show that they still are the loving couple that won The Hunger Games.

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