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Gender Relations in The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - Katniss, Peet and GaleGender roles are important when it come to writing a book or making a movie. If the characters do not play the proper roles than the book/movie will not catch the interest of certain viewers. For example in the Hunger Games Katniss character played a very dominate type of role with taking control of her family after her father died. Also, she would go hunting along side Gale. A lot of her traits are viewed as masculine traits in our society. So if it was not for her attractiveness and the struggles of the games a lot of men would probably not read or watch the movie since the main character was a girl who was viewed as a dominate girl. At the same rate if the book did not have the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale than girls would not have been as interested either. So the author did a great job to connect with both gender roles. Another book series that did a similar thing as The Hunger Games was the Twilight series. There you had the love triangle between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. The fighting between the vampers and werewolf's is what drew in the male readers.
Twilight Main

Josh Hutcherson: Peeta at the Bakery!
Some of the ways that the districts showed their gender roles was by their clothing. Within the districts there was not much difference in clothing since women and guys all work alongside one another. The real difference was showed from district to district and than the ultimate difference was that of the Capital. The capital was the one with all the fancy clothes with the different color wigs and changing in skin colors. While most of the districts had very few clothes that they wore the same clothes for work and throughout the rest of the day. The clothes ended up being stained and torn. Peeta being a baker and decorating the cakes goes against our gender roles because we few those types of jobs as a women job not for men to do. In a way some might say that Katniss's  and Peeta's roles should be switched based on our gender roles.

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