Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Hunger Game book vs. The Movie

One of the main differences that really caught my eye while I was watching the movie was how Katniss came in contact with the mockingjay pin. The book really shows the importance of the mockingjay pin by introducing us to it when Katniss and Gale go to deliver strawberries to the mayor’s house. Madge was wearing it when she answered the door. It was part of her reaping dress. Then Madge came into visit Katniss before she left for the capital and gave Katniss the pin as her one thing to take with her into the games from district 12.

However, in the movie it shows Katniss finding the pin in the hob. She asks the old lady how much and she tells Katniss to take it. Later, Cinna has to sneak the pin on Katniss under her game jacket so that she could take it with her into the games.

The book takes the time to show the real importance of the pin not only to Katniss but also the importance to her district. Also, the book tells the reader that is how Rue knows she was able to trust Katniss and team up with her in the games. The movie never shows that or implies that at all through out the whole movie.

A similarity between the book and movie was how they showed how much Katniss loves her little sister Prim. It all started when their father died in the coal mine and their mother left them mentally as well. It was all up to Katniss to provide food for not only for herself but also for Prim and their mom. Then both book and movie went into great detail when Katniss took Prim’s spot in the hunger games. As a reader and a viewer I could see and feel the love Katniss had for Prim so that she would possibly give up her own life to save her little sister’s. The thought of Prim was what kept Katniss fighting and trying to survive throughout the whole game. She had to hide her fright so that Prim could not see Katniss was scared. Katniss was determined to keep her promise she made with Prim that she was going to win the games and come home safely to her.   

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