Sunday, February 15, 2015

Catching Fire book vs. The Movie

         The book goes into much greater details when President Snow came to visit Katniss at her new victor’s house. The book just did a much better job with explaining the sense of shock that President Snow made an unexpected visit to her home. Also, it showed how much Katniss’s mother was worried about the visit. Then throughout the whole meeting with President Snow one on one with Katniss the reader was able to get an inside look at Katniss’s thoughts during the interview.

         I do have to compliment the producers of the movie on the way that they portrayed the arena. I was able to notice that the arena was suppose to be a clock a lot sooner in the movie than what I did in the book. Also, I felt they did a much better job showing the challenges Katniss and Peeta had to over come in this arena than what they did in the first movie. The producers did a better job at fallowing along with the book.

         The book and movie explained the 75th Quarter Quell in different ways. What I mean by that is the book described that the third Quarter Quell was planned when they first came up with the idea of the hunger games. However, as the text continued the reader was able to inquire that was not the case at all. In the movie it was more straight forward in the fact that the new head game maker and President Snow purposely made this Quarter Quell to get back at Katniss. They did this in hope that Katniss would die in the games and to extinguish the rebellion. 

         One aspect in both the movie and book that I did not completely agree with was the fact that the rebellion group kept their two biggest aspects to their plan out of the plan. As a reader I think that it would have been much smarter to at least let Peeta know about the plan to escape from the games. I feel this way because Peeta is so good with his words and his actions to help persuade others. However, I do agree with them not telling Katniss because she is having a hard enough time to be “in love” with Peeta. Telling her about the plan would have changed the way she acted in the games and would have sparked curiosity to President Snow that something might be up. 

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  1. The last paragraph had a very good point but I disagree with letting Peeta know because I think he would have told Katniss if there was something up. I think she would have seem something different in him and would have gotten the truth out of it sooner or later.