Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Beginning of The Hunger Games

         I am going to be honest about my selection for my selection of The Hunger Games for my SIS class. I transferred here from Bloomsburg where I did not have to take a FYS or a SIS class. By coming to McDaniel these classes where all new to me. When I was being helped over the phone with my class selection the nice lady informed me that I must signed up for a SIS class before signing up for any other class. While she was reading off the list of classes The Hunger Games was the only class that I recognized the name of. Also, I knew from friends and watching TV I was informed that The Hunger Games series was a great group of books to read. I took this opportunity to force myself to read the books since I am not much of a reader. Along with reading the books I will be able to analyze the contents of the books fallowed by the authors thoughts and reasons for creating these masterpieces of books. I am intrigued to see how the class will be able to tie together The Hunger Game series with the different types of majors here on campus that the different students of the class are studying.
        Since I have just started reading the books less than a week ago I have little information to based my opinion of my favorite character on. As I started the first book I could really relate to Gale in the beginning as he came from a large family and never got nocked down from challenges that life throw at him. As I continue to read I begin to become more in love with Katniss as she takes a stand for her younger sister and becomes a great role model for all of District 12. On top of being a great role model Katniss over comes challenges just like Gale does. It seems like every time Katniss conquers one challenge another one comes shortly after.

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